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Interview with Comic Creator Shannon Wheeler

Shannon Wheeler Shannon Wheeler is just Too Much!

He is too original, he is too innovative, he is just too smart for his own good!

Shannon Wheeler’s recent book Screw Heaven, When I Die I’m Going to Mars combines the adventures of Too Much Coffee Man, the How to Be Happy strips and the Postage Stamp Funnies (appearing in The Onion) into one fantastic piece of existential excellence.

There are very few truly original voices working in comics today.  Lucky for all the readers out there, PLAYBACK:stl recently had the opportunity to interview one of these amazing talents—the absurdly gifted and prolific Shannon Wheeler.

It is hard to interview someone who, as a fan of their work, you put up on a pedestal and hold in high regard.  This was my first interview for Playback:STL (or ever, really) and I would like to thank Shannon for making it so easy.

Check out the interview on Playback:STL.

Keep up with Mr. Wheeler on his website, Too Much Coffee Man.