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It’s Not Easy Being Super, Man or What Do You Do with The Man of Tomorrow When Tomorrow Comes Today?

Happy 70th Birthday, Superman!

Superman is 70? Seriously? He looks pretty good for a guy his age. No longer the freshman reporter from Smallville, Kansas, Clark Kent is now a seasoned Metropolitan; there is nothing that, either as Superman or Clark Kent, he hasn’t seen before or done twice already, only backwards and with heels on.

This is a problem.

Writing Superman has to be the hardest gig in comics because everything that you can do with the character has already been done before. Hell, writer Steven T. Seagle even wrote a whole damn graphic novel about how difficult it was to tackle Superman (It’s a Bird)…and then he went on to write Superman. Ironically enough, his run is best remembered more for the graphic novel than by anything that actually happened in the book during his time there. But still, it simply goes to show how tough writing the Man of Steel really is. I mean, what do you get somebody who already has everything? What can you possibly do with someone who has done it all? What do you do with the “Man of Tomorrow” when tomorrow comes today?

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Happy 4.20, Freak!

Today is April 20th and I wish all you freaks out there a good day.


Vote for Hell on Zuda (Again)

For those of you who really, really wanted Development Hell to win December’s Zuda competition(all three of you out there), your prayers have been answered! To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Zuda’s initial announcement, the fine editors at Zuda have decided to give the also rans a chance to redeem themselves. That’s right, all your favorite comics that didn’t win their respective competition can be voted back to the island for another go round at the tribal council. Behold, the the ZUDA COMICS 2008 INVITATIONAL!

Here is the official Press Release:

One of the most frequent things we hear from readers through e-mail, at conventions, in the blog and in the message boards is a sincere desire for a comic that didn’t win a competition to continue in some way.

While Zuda has posted over 60 comics at this point, only one per month is awarded a contract. Thankfully, many of the comics that didn’t win have found new homes in places like ACT-I-VATE or Amalgamated, but the question remains – how can a non-winning comic continue here on Zuda?

Now we have the answer – the ZUDA COMICS 2008 INVITATIONAL! Timed with the anniversary of announcing Zuda, our July 2008 competition will feature ten competitors returning from previous competitions – and we want to hear who you want to compete! Here’s how it works:

1. Make a list of ten comics from previous competitions that you think should compete in the Invitational.

2. Send that list to FEEDBACK ( no later than May 23rd.

3. We’ll tally the responses and contact the creators. If a creator declines the invitation, we’ll simply move on down the list to the next creator.

4. Throughout June and July we’ll announce which comics will compete.

5. On July 7th (the start date of the July competition) we’ll post eight new screens for each of the competing comics (for a total of 16 screens if you include the original 8).

After that, normal competition rules apply and may the best comic win!

So what are you waiting for? Write to your local Zuda Editor and let’s get some Hell going!